Workshops & Lean Experiments

Speaker at Global Learning Lean Conference in Chester

Improving Performance

Two words which mean a lot. Mike Moore takes us through some fascinating recent case studies of improvement with the chance for you to question and interact.

Motivation, curiosity and development

What happens when we accidentally learn and become fascinated with something we didn’t have an interest in? In this interactive session you will be taught new skills and knowledge by young people, and track your own engagement whilst learning, utilising the VA experiments run by the learning Trust. Delivered by the Learning Lean team students.

Lean to reduce overburden

How the impact of feedback on capability was increased through a Lean experiment to improve learner feedback and reduce teacher workload. Darran Jones, Headteacher at Christleton High School shares the Lean methodology and outcomes of an experiment to increase student performance whilst reducing overburden and unevenness.

Standardised work

Its importance for learning. Stabilise, standardise and then the continuous improvement can begin. David Brunt COO of the Lean Enterprise Academy shares practical successes from Botswana, Paraguay, Canada and Chester, in manufacturing, service and education.

Using Lean thinking to develop new products

Awaiting final detail.

The birth of a university

Hear the challenges, successes and lessons from a newly opened university. Understand the design and reality of 21st century learning in a start-up.

Lean workshop in Chester

Capability and Artificial Intelligence

The place and potential of AI to add value, breadth and depth to guiding independent learning, and measuring capability. Priya Lakhani OBE.

Increasing value add in learning and training

In this workshop you are invited to share and discuss 5 years with over 2000 learners. Evaluations and experiments in instruction techniques are discussed by learners along with the relationship between Kaisen, independent learning and Lean practice which compresses time to add value. The principles and practicalities of creating more value in learning time are also explored.

Why Organisations Struggle to Fix Problems and What Leaders Can Do About It

This breakout session is for those leaders and managers who are frustrated by their organisations' ability to solve problems and want to break away from the daily grind of firefighting.

International 1

Specific currently being finalised.

International 2

Specific currently being finalised.

Learning platforms

How the learner can take full control of the process to meet their own needs. What this looks like in reality and how it can be developed and owned by your learners. Dr Alex Lawrenson and Vice Principal Katrina Brown, Chester International School have run a two-year programme using a learning platform, monitoring all usage and correlating this against high and low performing learners. 93,685 assignments were submitted by 150 students over 18 months in their own time.... interrogate the data and understand and challenge the conclusions..... Can learning platforms help improve your teams?

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